[How To] Magicsee M1 – Install Apps & Games & Upgrade OS

The Magicsee M1 AIO VR Headset requires some extra work to get some useful apps and games in, here is how to do it

As  promised here is the blog post on how to install apps & games on the Magicsee M1 as well as how to Upgrade the OS From 4.4 Kitkat to 5.1 Lolipop on the 5″ model

First of all I would like to say only download apps if the are free or if you have purchased them on the Play Store

So Lets Get Right Into It

How To Download & Install New Apps

First you will need some extra hardware if you want to make things easy:

Mouse & OTG

  • Mouse – To Navigate
  • OTG Cable – To connect the mouse to the headset

You will need these to speed up the process when browsing, downloading & installing apps

Simply plug the OTG into the charging/data transfer port

MagicseeM1OTG MagicseeM1 Port

Next you will need to download some apps by downloading APK files to your headset by USB transfer from your computer or by using the built in browser

  • Aptoide – A market app
  • Kodi – A Multi media app usualy used for home media centers
  • Search Online for APKs

If you dont have those laying around, to download and navigate things that cannot be reached with the directional button controls, you can press the “N” or the Nibiru Button and you will be presented with a menu which then you can scroll to Mouse Mode and Turn it on, then you will be brought back with a cross hair that can tap on things using the “OK” button


Nibiru Menu

It will be very annoying when browsing Aptoide using the built in controls, but if your manually downloading APKs it will be much easier, just goto the file explorer and navigate to the file and select open on the menu that will pop up then it will ask you if you want to install and continue doing so, once done your new app should show up in the apps section

Technically you should be able to download Netflix and login through the VR MODE of the headset

All Current M1 Headsets On The Market Are 5.5″ & Have Android 5.1 Pre-Installed

How to Upgrade OS from 4.4 Kitkat to 5.1 Lolipop on the 5″ screen model


Be Warned You May Brick Your Device Proceed Carefully At Your Own Risk


Almost no one has it, please do not try to “update” your 5.5″ device

Because if you have a 5.5″ model it should already come with Android 5.1


The 5″ screen model comes with android 4.4, and android 4.4 has the Google Play Store that you could work around to get it to work, once updated to 5.1 you will lose the Google Play Store but you will gain stability in the os & extra compatibility with apps & better performance

First download the upgrade package it self: Click Here

Inside there should be a doc & some folders and files, open up the doc and follow the steps, it may look hard at first because of the translation but it was pretty straight forward and the pictures helped a lot

Here is my version since some people have trouble understanding the document:

Step 1

Make sure you are charged up and have a good USB cable plugged into a Direct USB Port on your PC

Step 2

Extract the contents of the zip file, install the driver using the “DriverAssitant” program and open up the “Android TOOL” Program
(“Android Tool/Android Tool/DriverAssitant_v4.2/DriverInstall.exe” )

Step 3

Extract the “M1 update2016_5_510.rar” & open up the Android Tool.exe
(“Android Tool/Android Tool/AndroidTool_Release_v2.35/AndroidTool.exe” )

Step 4

Navigate to the second tab

Click the First Button (Browse)


Then Find & Select the “update2016_5_510.img” that you extracted from the second zip in Step 3


Your window should now look like this:


Step 5

Hold Down The “+” / Volume Up Button On Your Headset & Plug It Into Your Computer While It Is Off
It Should get it to say “LOADER” on your window


Step 6

You are now ready to update, Double Check Everything & Click the Second Tab To Start The Update Process



Finally if all went well, Once it finishes it will boot right up into the new OS screen & your Update Tool Window on your PC should look like this
It will take longer than usual to finish booting first time since it has to setup everything on your headset

Extra Notes: Once it starts your device screen would go to normal vertical none VR mode and start having lines of text just keep it plugged in and do not touch your computer or your headset till PC screen is looks like the screen below & your device is booted Up

Hurray you Are Done =D

You should now be presented to a new home screen & layout

If I missed anything, or if you need any help let me know below and I will get back to you 🙂

If your device is bricked, all I can tell you is try reupdating it to reinstall the software, try a different PC or USB port if that does not work on the same computer

Also if your device is bricked double check that you have the right model, the 5″ or the 5.5″ Screen Model

If you have installed the 5″ Firmware on the 5.5″ Model & Have Bricked it

Here is the Original Firmware for the 5.5″ Model: CLICK HERE


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