The Hypereal Pano PC VR Headset – A Chinese HMD With Controllers & Room Scale!

An HTC VIVE look alike Headset With Oculus Touch Like Controllers With Light House Positional Tracking Similar To the HTC Vive
& They Claim It Works With STEAM VR!

This was just announced recently at the ChinaJoy 2016
and this is something I have been personally imagining that would happen one day, but not this fast!

First lets take a look at the specs:
Resolution – OLED Display90Hz Refresh Rate
With Less Than 11ms Claimed Latecny With 110 degrees FOV
Positional Tracking They Call: HyTrack (Light House)

Hypereal Specs


They claim it works flawlessly with SteamVR thanks to the Open VR SDK & it has absouluty 0 problems with running SteamVR games in room scale!? What!

Before we move on – The only real photos we have so far are photos of the prototype that was demoed at ChinaJoy 2016
Yeah it kinda looks like the Vive Pre with the sensors exposed like that

Seems like the prototype does not have the Oculus Touch like controllers, instead it’s a regular analogue stick on a stick 😐
It looks a lot like a 3D printed concept display unit
Someone is using it at the demo, so I guess it works, who knows
Similar lens to the Vive, but the facepad, that looks horrible, hopefully that’s not the case with the final release

And that is all for real photos of the headset that I was able to find


OK Kommando Thats all great but how much is it!?

IT’S ONLY $533.87 USD
GearBest Product Page
There are reports that it will cost around $800 USD
“We plan in the fourth quarter of this year, this product will be officially on the market, the price of the entire device about 5000-6000 yuan.”
(Google Translate)

Could this really be what it is? – I have no idea – It is just too good to be true
But now for some real talk:
The biggest gripe these Chinese headsets have is, how long are they going to last, will they ever get long term support, & usually no warranty
I will try getting my hands on one for review
, if you want to try your luck:

Here is the Ordering Link:  CLICK HERE
Not Released Yet
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You may be asking,
Isn’t this a total rip off!?
Well? They claim it was not “Plagiarism”
And that VR Headsets Look Very Similar In Their Nature of Design
What about the tracking technology?!
They claim it was developed in house and its called Hybeacon


What about the Oculus Touch look a like controllers?
They were also developed in house & they call it the HyFeel


About the tracking technology, when asked they said (Google Translate):

Laser targeting is a very mature academic technology, and our own research and development of this technology is that although the technical principles with HTC Vive manner substantially similar to, though. before Lighthouse this positioning technique actually have a lot of open academic research, anyone can do. However, the general manager of HTC Vive China region Graylin think: this product not only copied the HTC Vive, and some part of the copy Oculus ; the copy number of mature technologies in the case of start-up companies is not uncommon, we reserve the right to take further measures may be.
That they have started as a team of 10 and expanded to a team of 110, and have worked really hard and developed everything on their own, and that there is nothing copied, and that design wise that its “VR” headsets look very similar already

So in conclusion this could be the long awaited Cheaper Alternative to the HTC Vive & Oculus Rift CV1



Best part is, it has the fantastic Oculus Touch controllers design but anyways
This is just crazy I gotta got go relax, this is too exciting…


Some Diagrams Form

Hope you have enjoyed this post Stay Tuned For The Review Here & on my YouTube Channel
Once I get my hands on one

Take Care



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