Top 5 Chinese PC VR Headsets – Everything You Need To Know

PC VR Headsets are not cheap, and browsing around for a cheap PC VR headset either leads you to the OSVR or the Oculus for known brands, but what about those Chinese PC VR headsets, are they really worth it? Are they any good?
I have done some research

Lets find out!

Note: this is a list of pretty much all existing Chinese PC VR Headsets that we have the most info about & that you could get your hands on right now or are coming out very soon. And although they are not as good as the real thing. They are a big step in producing cheaper & better PC VR headsets that are affordable. And it starts with these Chinese products
All of these HMDs support SteamVR =D

Deepoon E2


This is the cheapest PC VR HMD that you can get your hands on!

Final Price: $216


Status: Released
Where To Order: Click Here

Coupon: LHDP

What it is all about:
This headset is basically an Oculus Rift DK2 Copy except without any positional tracking, which makes it sort off am DK1 but with a Full HD 1080p Screen. Now being detected as a DK2 helps this headset become the easiest to setup with SteamVR, and the most compatible to work. What it has is an AMOLED 1080p Screen Similar to the OLED on the DK2, it also has the same refresh rate as the DK2 which is 75hz, not too bad, at this price point you can’t really complain much at this time, since these are the cheapest options to get into PCVR


One thing that is weird is the cable, it comes out from the side, from the looks of it, it seems that it is replaceable, but would you be able to get one? No Idea But so far I have not seen anyone complain about the cable, and it does look very well built, we will know for sure once I get my hands on it. It does have a 3.5mm Headphone jack


Although there are no focus adjustments, it seems like you can wear your glasses. And yes it does have IPD adjustments



That cable sticking out…


So Overall this is your best choice if you are looking for a cheap headset, that not only is cheap and somewhat easier to setup, it can run on mid range gaming PCs, since it runs FHD at 75hz on an HDMI cable, it should be ok for most – The simplest headset out there



This sits somewhere in the middle but it might be better than the rest with what info I got!

Final Price: $310


Status: Rolling Out / Released
Where To Order: Click Here

Coupon: LHPIMAX [ Save: $40 ]

This is “the worlds first” and currently the only “4K PC/VR Headset” out there


What it is all about:
It has a 4K display, which means reduced screen door effect compared to all other headsets, technically speaking…
I have spoke with the engineer and got lots of useful solid information for you guys, so lets get right into it


There are some buttons on top for starting and navigating the headset to which mode it will run in

Pimax4k6Yep the headphones are removable so they are optional. firs time seeing over-ear type headphones on a headset, very interesting, looks like it will use leather padding similar to those of beats headphones. Yes it does have a 3.5mm jack for plugging your own headphones


Taking a look at the comfort level, I cant really say much other than that the strap side points can rotate, will see how that plays out, and that they are using similar Strap/Padding to the Pico 1 that I have reviewed previously. It was ok for the most part except on that one the side points were angled like the gear, which did not feel good, but on the Pimax 4K they are rotatable so that should be better. The facepad looks good lots of breathing room, you can wear your glasses, and nose room looks huge, so that is good because nose room is the biggest problem that people have faced with Chinese VR products. One thing to note is that in my experience the strap that is being used, is soft, shouldn’t cause a problem with rubbing ontop of the ears


Lenses are said to have Anti-Blue Light coating & automatic defogging? Lens wipers? a built in mini fan? Jokes a side the lenses are large enough and have a claimed FOV of 110 degrees, pretty good


But now for some real talk about software, this is where things get interesting and weird at the same time. But before we dive deep into what and how is anyone going to run 4K VR on this, let me first tell you that I have confirmed with the engineer that yes it will be compatible with both Oculus SDK 0.8 & SteamVR, how you may ask? Well from the documents I have read, you will be required to run the PiPlay application before you can get started with anything, basically the Oculus & SteamVR will run through the PiPlay App. The most important thing is we can be rest assured that it will run SteamVR and that it is compatible, and that is all that matters really, it is the best VR platform

PimaxReal9HDMI 1.4 & USB 3.0

Yep that is an HDMI 1.4 cable, and knowing that HDMI 1.4 has limited bandwidth, you will not be able to even stream 4K 60hz, the maximum you can run is 4K 30hz. So you are now scratching your head. Let me explain. The headset has a 4K display, and the display can support up to 75hz. Now.. they recommend running it in 1080p 75hz or 60hz then the headset/program will interpolate it into 4K 120hz, how will that play out? Is it optional to interpolate the refresh rate? We don’t know, there were just too many questions I could ask, the best way is to actually get it and review it properly. But I was told it can interpolate 1440p as well. Response time is 18ms, higher than standard (10ms) but that is to be expected since it is interpolated in software


From the photos I was sent, there is no sign of the headphones, on other sites the headphones are optional, and can be sold with or without headphones.

There no mention from the engineer about positional tracking, but on AliExpress it is listed to have a Gyro, Distance Sensor, Accelerator, Light Sensor, Magnetometer. Light sensor is probably the sensor in between the lens that auto shuts off the display when its not mounted. Low chance of actually having positional tracking


In conclusion, its a headset that has a 4K Display that can run up to 75hz that you will mainly run 1080p @ 60/75hz, that can run SteamVR.

3Glasses D2 – Vangaurd Edition


Final Price: $326


Status: Released
Where To Order: Click Here
Coupon: GB3GS [ Save: $12 ]

This one took one step up and three steps down compared to the Deepoon E2

What it is all about:
So moving from the Deepoon E2 the 3Glasses D2 is a step up from the 1080p display to a more standard 1440p display, but this time its a TFT-LCD panel & runs at 60hz only 😐


It has no IPD adjustments, doesn’t allow for glasses but does have focus adjustments, the other step down is being detected as a DK1 and requiring to run its software, basically content is kind of limited on this one, and will require lots of tinkering to get it started


Lastly it runs at a 60hz refresh rate, which is not good enough for VR. It is like they made this headset to get a foot in the door, I am saying that because soon after they understood what they needed to do, they released another headset the 3Glasses S1

3 Glasses S1


Final Price: $484


Status: Released
Where To Order: Click Here
Coupon: GB3GS1 [ Save: $29 ]

Out of all the headsets in this list, this is the most interesting headset

What it is all about:
The reason I think it is the most interesting headset out of all of these ones is because it has the highest specs out of all of them & has the most HTC Vive & Oculus like hardware, although it has not been released yet, it is planned for release somewhere this year


Yeah it has its own controllers as well as a tracking box, now first thing you will notice is, there are a very minimal amount of controls or buttons on the controllers, they both have back buttons, power/menu buttons, a side squeeze button, triggers and analogues, this may but just a concept art, for now, deign may change by the time they release it


So what are the specs!?


Now from my experience when they it says TFT-LCD, it is safe to assume it is some type of IPS display, but they just have it labeled wrong. The specs look vey very good, 120hz refresh rate, a 1440p display decent response time of <10ms, if you can trust the numbers. FOV is pretty good, close the Vive. Remember that every manufacture measures FOV differently, but from my experience its a pretty good level of FOV with minimal screen door effect. One important thing to note is, that it is using Display Port 1.2, which means it should be real 1440p and 120hz unlike the Pimax 4K


It has built in earphones, that hopefully are as good as they look & claim, from this render it looks like they might use the same type of padding of beats headphones. Are they are removable or not, we don’t know yet

3GlassesS1-9 3GlassesS1-7

Hey what do you know! It has all three must haves for headsets, it has IPD adjustments, Focus Adjustments & Support for glasses! As well as a sensor to turn off the display when not in use. Also the facepad from one render looks to be a regular foam padding, from experience renders are never they way to really tell what padding they will use, till you have photos of the actual thing, if it is foam hope it is good, if not it better be something good otherwise. One thing we cannot really tell much is the comfort level, the strap may be okay-ish, nose room is questionable (Always a reoccurring problem with headsets) & facepad can be worked with, again we don’t know much about that


Again since these are just early concept renders, you can see that there is no clear padding but it is simulated so it looks to use the same type of padding on the FIIT VR 2N/2S, speaking of concept, you can clearly see that the side navigation circle was a square on a previous photo above (Third one down) It does have a 3.5mm headphone jack


Lastly, that is all some good hardware, but what about software? Well no clear answer, if you read Gearbest Q&A on the product page, they say that it is not compatible with any of the current headset software, SteamVR, OSVR, Oculus. They just say it is compatible with PC. Now this can mean two things, 1 they are not sure so the just say no because the have no real solid info on it. Or 2 it will have its own proprietary software to run a limited library from the app that pulls apps & games from Chinese servers = limited software, but hopefully that is not the case, and that it will be somewhat SteamVR compatible on release date. Again no real info is out so we can only assume or wait

 Pico Neo DK


Price: $405

Status: No Released Yet
Where To Order: Click Here

A headset that is SteamVR compatable

What it is all about:
The Pico Neo is actually both an All In One Headset as well as a PC VR Headset, how you may ask? Basically the headset it self is just a display, and you can hook up a controller which actually has the battery and controls on it that hooks up with one wire going up to run Android. But we wont focus on Android. They will sell the headset separately as a development kit

Pico-Neo-Virtual-Reality-HeadsetThis is what the controller looks like for the AIO Version

The strap looks to be the same as the Pico 1 I have reviewed, angled and it did not really feel too good, it always felt like it was about to fall off


I actually got a chance to try out the Pico Neo at CVR 2016, and I was not impressed with the display, because it just looked like a washed out TFT display, now that could be a pre-production model because the new listed specs claim to have a 2K AMOLED 90hz Display, which sounds very good!


Response time is not clear from the following slide, it could just mean it has a vibrating motor for AIO Android Controller



Overall the specs look really good, but there isn’t much info that we can get on this one at this time, so once new info arises I will update this page as it comes 🙂

And these are pretty much the current line of budget Chinese PC VR headset that are currently out or soon to be released for the public to buy

Hope you have enjoyed this post & got an idea where we are in PC VR, it might have been a bit messy but the future is very promising, I will try to get my hands on one of these and slowly start review PC VR Headsets

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